Foot Abduction Brace

Foot Abduction Brace is used to maintain correction of Clubfoot after serial casting to ensure that the deformity doesn’t return anymore This brace includes the shoe and the bar that keeps the foot in abduction.

Humeral Brace

This brace is used to immobilize fractures of the upper arm or used as a post surgery of the upper brace so that it heals.

Diabetic foot wears

Diabetic foot wears is a type of footwear made to prevent diabetic foot ulcers. This foot wears have no pressure points. An ideal diabetic foot wears should have a foamy plantar surface, it have have verlcro straps or shoelace not a...

Boston Bracing System for management of Scoliosis.

This is a type of Thoraco-lumbo-Sacral-Orthosis (TLSO) is a back brace used primarily for treatment of Scoliosis in children. Boston Brace is prescribed for correcting curves in the lumbar or thoraco-lumbar part of the spine. In this Bracing system pads are placed at...